Hernandez, Adam Rodrguez as Shamus, Rosa Salazar as

Starring: Michael Pea as Frank ‘Ponch’ Poncherello, Dax Shepard as Jon Baker, Jessica McNamee as Lindsey Taylor, Adam Brody as Clay Allen, Ryan Hansen as Brian Grieves, Maya Rudolph as Sgt. Hernandez, Adam Rodrguez as Shamus, Rosa Salazar as Ava, Ben Falcone as Bicycle Cop, Richard T. Jones as Parish, Jackie Tohn as Amy Hansen, Mara Marini as Renee, Vida Guerra as Ann, Arturo del Puerto as Carlos, Aly Mawji as Dan, Rene Moran as Jose, Carly Hatter as Agent Roth, John Duff as Barnes, Kelly Richardson as Kelly, Clay Cullen as Smith, Phil Tyler as Cooper, Jess cheap nfl jerseys Rowland as Rathbun, Cameron Cruz as Gale, Jamie Bock as Lesley, Becky Feldman as Tina, Monica Padman as Becky.

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